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Revolutionizing Plant Genetics

At NetaGenomiX we connect disruptive gene-editing technology with regenerative agriculture, to develop climate-smart, non-GMO, sustainable and nutritious crops that are rewarding to both the farmer and the consumer.


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We are the Future of Plant Genome Editing

Our Mission

NetaGenomiX aims to develop, grow and supply superior annual and perennial, high-yielding, sustainable crop varieties, better adapted to climate change, with improved nutritional and health properties. 

The Challenge

In the realm of gene-editing of crop plants, a critical challenge lies in unveiling the multitude of agricultural traits concealed within gene families. These hidden characteristics hold the key to crop resilience and nutritional values, yet they remain elusive due to complex genetic shielding.

Our Technology

At NetaGenomiX, we are revolutionizing plant genetics and breeding by tapping into the uncharted 80% of the plant genome that is currently inaccessible and is far beyond the reach of both traditional plant breeding and current genome editing methods. 

We employ precise, targeted genomic modifications, simultaneously accessing multiple gene families, and uncovering phenotypes hidden by genetic redundancy.

We are significantly more effective than any other current genome editing technology

Our Unique Advantages



Precise modifications to the genome



Tackle hundreds of genes simultaneously

Overcoming Redundancy

Overcoming Redundancy

Reveals previously hidden phenotypes



Our final products are not transgenic

In the News

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A multi-targeted genome-scale CRISPR toolbox to overcome functional redundancy in plants

Multi-Knock—a multi-targeted genome-scale CRISPR toolbox to overcome functional redundancy in plants

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CRISPR unveils plant gene potential

In a groundbreaking achievement, Tel Aviv University researchers have harnessed the power of CRISPR technology to develop an innovative genetic modification method.

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‘Revolutionary’ gene editing of plants will change agriculture forever

A new, large-scale genetic modification method developed in Tel Aviv makes it possible to reveal the role and properties of duplicated genes in plants

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With the help of CRISPR: The method that reveals the role of most genes in plants.

Researchers from Tel Aviv University have said that the development is expected to revolutionize the enhancement processes of agricultural crops